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Company Instruction

Zhonshan Tess Gift Co., LTD is a company with reaserach and develop highly cost effective product.

At present, we have successfully developed and produced TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse, which has got approval of CE、FCC、UN38.3 and MSDS from TUV SUD base on its excellent quality.

TESS GIFT AI Voice Mouse can help people in different industries to improve work efficiency and eliminate communication barriers.
Its input speed can reach 400 words per minute in maxmum, which frees people from typing completely.

And, Its translation between 115 languages ​​allows people who do not understand foreign languages ​​to break through language restrictions and communicate freely.

Zhonshan Tess Gift Co., LTD will develop more practical and intelligent products, focusing on long-term service for professionals.


Numbers About Tess Voice Mouse


Pass 66 Countries' Certificates


Tested over 5000 samples


Mutual translation in 115 languages


Import & Export experience

The Company History of Tess Mouse

  • Beginning of TessGift Mouse

    Beginning of TessGift Mouse

    In mid-2019, Tess came into contact with intelligent speech recognition technology and began to use it efficiently in personal reading and writing;

  • First Prototype & First Partners

    First Prototype & First Partners

    The prototype of Tess Gift (international version) intelligent voice mouse was born, and the initial test and sales were conducted among foreign trade people, and the feedback was good;

  • Pass All Kinds of Certificates

    Pass All Kinds of Certificates

    Tess Gift (international version) intelligent voice mouse began to be certified by the world’s most stringent TUV laboratory in 66 countries, as well as transportation certification, including CE, FCC, CB, MSDS, UN38.3, Rohs , Reach and other related safety use areas, transportation safety areas and international environmental certifications, etc.;

  • Attend the CES in US

    Attend the CES in US

    Tess led the mouse to participate in the CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), the top US consumer electronics show, and was invited by the US high-tech channel Newswatch to introduce the mouse shooting video and put it on the homepage of Newswatch;

  • First Time in Canton Fair

    First Time in Canton Fair

    Tess led the mouse to participate in the Canton Fair for the first time, and was interviewed by Guangdong TV station alone Tess and the mouse;

  • After the CES

    After the CES

    After the CES exhibition, it was favored by Japanese and European and American customers, and the order volume continued to rise.

Meet the Leadership Team


CEO Tess Ran

As founder of Tess Gift, Ms. Tess has been in the foreign trade business, focusing on electronic consumer product, SMD and Heater industries since 2006. She holds different companies located in Europe,China and China HK. Tess Gift is her own brand which has been registered in USA, European Union,Japan and China ect. Her annual sales volume reach US $200 million.

CPO Bruce Dong

Mr Bruce Joined Tess Gift in 2019 and has more than 10 years of experiences in Electronic Consumer Products. He is served as Chief Product Officer and Chief Engineer in Tess Gift. Bruce manages the tech team while building the best Voice Mouse.

CQO Ye Suo

Mr. Ye is working in Quality Control position for more than 15 years.He is best known as quality control knowledge for Electronic Consumer Products. He is working in the Global Top 500 companies for more than 10 years and joined Tess Gift in 2019.His quality control knowledge keeps the Tess Gift Voice Mouse in a high level quality position.

CMO Joy Liang

With 14 years of foreign trade business experience, Ms. Joy is the ideal CMO to lead the sales and marketing team for Tess gift. She was cooperated with different Global top 500 brands for foreign trade business and has full experiences in cooperating with Chain Supermarkets. Her professional marketing skill can help you sell more.

CFO Mia Wang

Ms. Mia is the director of our Financial team, held responsible for day-to-day financial operations. Alongside of financial part, Mia is consistently building the social advertising event through online/offline each month.

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