Our Customer to achieve High Profit

An French Customer from Canton Fair

The first time we brought our Tess Gift Voice Mouse to 130th Canton fair in Oct. 2021, a french customer was enchanted by our Tess Gift Voice Mouse . After the discussion and learn more about his request, we know that he is from a worldwide train-store and looking for a new and potential item to the market.His 1st  Annual Order Request for our Tess Gift Voice mouse is 40,000pcs.


 After several months of business discussion and marketing research with each other, we come to a strategy cooperation agreement and start for the final cooperation.  The customer was so excited that we create such an Amazing Voice Mouse to help him earn very good profit and create a new selling market there.  

An Italian Customer Become Our Shareholder

In mid Of 2021, one of our Italian customers fall in love with our Tess Gift Voice Mouse for the first usage, and keep using and testing it for half a year . Before we went to CES show in 2022, he suggested to help us design our CES booth with his Top Italian Designer for free and want to pay half of the booth fee and attend the CES show together.


Finally, based on his more than 15 years mature business experience and adjustment and his sensitivity to market prospect of the Voice Mouse, and also based on the trust to our Zhongshan Tess Gift Co. Ltd., he decided to be a shareholder of our company to get a deeper strategy business cooperation.

A Middle East Customer Spent his Own Money to test Tess Mouse

One customer from Middle East learned about our Tess Gift Voice mouse when its first born in mid of 2019, he bought several samples for testing immediately. 

But he is quite different from other customers who will give a trial order or discuss the exclusive agent agreement. After our professional help on the usage, technology part, and marketing part,  he took Tess Gift Voice Mouse to a Professional Testing Institute to take a full testing and investigation by his own account , he spent Totally USD5000 for the consult fee and testing fee. 

Once received all the positive result from the Professional Testing Institute, he flew to China and discussed with us about the exclusive agreement in his selling market. Finally he earned a first pot of gold with our Tess Gift Voice Mouse and keep placing orders to us monthly. 

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