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1. What do we provide for you?

Be Tess Mouse Seller in your country

Tess Mouse welcomes you to join our team as a reseller, agent or distributor of our Voice Mouse and enjoy the many benefits on offer, including marketing support, special prices and fast shipment. We are currently open to resellers/ exclusive reseller in different countries.

1. What do we provide for you?

Independent Research APP

App available all over the world.Life-Long Support

Exported to 20+ Countries

Voice Mouse with all ceritificates Already selled to major countries

Support 115+Languages

Support nearly all the languages In the world

Perfect Support For You

Dedicated Experienced Service team For you 24*7

1. What do we provide for you?

We are totally reliable with all certifications shown below.



How long is your product’s warranty?


Each Tess Gift mouse has only ONE ID number, there are daily usage log with

ID numer to remote troubleshooting.


How long will my voice mouse’s software se supported with updates?


Digital agency services include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital strategy and consulting
  • Web design and development
  • Digital marketing including social media, email marketing and more

Some digital agencies also provide software and app development, digital transformation and even branding and creative services.


What’s the unique ID number?


The benefits of hiring a digital agency vs. hiring in-house include:

  • Access to highly specialized and seasoned experts
  • Access to leading industry tools, insights and know-how
  • Flexibility in terms of contractual obligations
  • Symbiotic growth: You are incentivized to grow your relationship based on results

How long can I have your support on the tess voice mouse?


The first step to choosing a digital agency is to filter the candidates based on expertise. Match their capabilities to your requirement.

The second step is to shortlist the candidates based on rates and portfolios.

The final —and perhaps the most important — step is to interview the shortlisted digital agencies to identify the one you can develop a long-term relationship with.


How long will you reply my email?


Question #1: Who would be working on my project?

Digital agencies’ main asset is their team of digital experts. You want to assess their expertise as well as work culture to determine whether you can develop a true partnership with the agency.

We recommend going even a step further and asking to meet the people who would be assigned to your account.

Question #2: Will you provide consultation and ideas?

You’d be surprised at how many agencies deliver their service passively, awaiting your requests and instructions.

You want your digital agency to take leadership on your project by consulting you as well as executing the approved strategies and reporting on your progress regularly.

Other important questions to ask are:

Do you have experience with similar projects?

What are the results you have generated on those projects?

How would you bring value to my business long-term?


How can you secure my voice privacy/business confidencial?


Digital agencies typically price their services based on hourly rates.

Whether you are looking to outsource a one-time project like website development or to partner with an agency on a retainer basis, you will most likely receive a pricing range based on the estimate of the number of hours your project would require.